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Thursday Again

July 14, 2011

And this week hasn’t been too rotten to me in the least. Been pretty good all around actually. Not an awful lot of my master list of things to do have gotten done but I have been a bit more relaxed that’s for sure.

I think tonight I’m going to try and get some headway made on the pile of paperwork and school work I have been neglecting.

Otherwise life is good. Went out for a walk with a good friend and her little girl last night. Haven’t seen her in a while so it was nice.

I booked out campsite for out camping trip. All set and settled now. All that’s left to do is pack. Yay!! Can’t wait.

But its off to the grind for now with a smile on my face for things to come.

Until tomorrow…

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  1. July 14, 2011 7:40 am

    Yay for a better week!!! Have a great day!

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