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Monday Rides Again…

July 18, 2011

So here we are again. Feels like my summer is sailing by at an alarming rate. Not nearly enough time for anything.

Friday night was awesome. Went driving after work and couldn’t get enough of it. After saying as much to my uncle I was happily surprised to find myself driving out for my first Timmie run. 🙂 It was totally awesome.
Saturday it was the girls competition and they delivered a great show. The marks were excellent and my littlest brought home a 3rd place trophy. Suffice to say they were happy to have their favorite teacher and beloved uncle standing there cheering them on! It was a long day to be sure but we headed back to my uncle and aunts for a delicious bbq. Got home late but it was a beautiful day all around.

Yesterday started off slow. We lazily got up and had french toast for breakfast. An invite to see Harry Potter soon cropped up and it became a race to get our housework done fast so we could go to the cool of the movie theatre.

After enjoying the movie and the cool it was home to resume our lazy day.

Here we stand. Hubbys at work. ‘m on my way. And the kids are still in bed.

Until tomorrow…

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