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Blink of an Eye

July 25, 2011

That is the speed my weekends go by. Never nearly long enough to fully enjoy the time away from the office.
Started both days off with driving lessons. Saturdays went well. Drove down to the lake shore and drove around. Came home with a headache. Too many turns. Practiced parking on sunday. I know two areas I need to seriously work on. Lane changes and parking. But time will cure that.

Saturday my big girl sang a duet with her friend at church. Twas very sweet. Hubby and I had a chance to plant two new caches while we waited for mass to start. We had a surprise visit with my aunt, uncle and nan. They had come to see our big girl sing and then came over for pizza afterwards! It was well enjoyed by everyone šŸ™‚ Hubby and I went out to see Transformers 3 after and didn’t get home until late. Dodging sprinklers all the way home!

Sunday was more of the usual running around and then I made it out to indian food with some awesome ladies! Had a great time catching up. Need to do that more often šŸ™‚

And now its back to the grind for me. This week is going to be better than the last few have. I can feel it.

Until tomorrow…

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  1. July 26, 2011 6:46 pm

    Lane changes and parking… girl, I’ve been driving for 27 years (and I’m only 29!!!!) and I still despise lane changes and parking. LOL Sounds like you’re doing wonderfully with your driving. :OD

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