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Lazy Evening…

July 27, 2011

We had a great lazy evening last night. Stayed in and watched TV, played video game and just relaxed.

I managed to make a friend birthday gift last night. Its cute but I can’t say much more for the time being until I give it to her as she might read this and I hate ruining surprises 🙂

I figured out yesterday just what I have to get done for our camping trip in a couple of weeks. A whole mess of packing and cleaning await me. Should be able to get a bunch done this weekend.

I still have to also finish my other friends baby blanket. Made the mistake of knitting it so its taking forever to get done. Crochet is soooo much faster for me.

Found a flute for my big girl for school. Have to go pick it up thursday. Its bloody downtown but its a decent price so worth the trip.

And of course there is my schoolwork which is going about as fast as a turtle in a foot race.

Sigh. Another day, another fifty cents. Let’s just keep hoping that things continue on their uphill swing.

Until tomorrow…

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