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Simcoe Day Ends a Wonderful Weekend!

August 2, 2011

Wild and wonderful weekend. Saturday I worked away getting the gear ready for our trip and cleaning the house. And of course church as well. Tried out our telescope but we couldn’t get it to focus worth beans. Have to keep working on that one.

Sunday I did my final driving lessons. I got an 80 on their final exam. They will book my test now. Have to call the school today. Can’t wait!

Kids spent the day with Daddy. Went to see Green Lantern with him and then out to McDonalds for lunch. I did the groceries and came home to take the training wheels off my middle daughters bike. Yay!! No more training wheels for anyone! So happy 🙂

I went out for coffee to celebrate my friends birthday that night and they went out hunting fireflies.

Yesterday we went to Fort York to see my brother in law do his bit as a 1800s soldier and then cached our way back to the subway.

Dinner with uncle and aunt and nan and home to our beds.

Not nearly long enough of a weekend but certainly a good one.

Back to the grind. Thank god its a short week!

Until tomorrow…

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