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Happy Reunion

August 9, 2011

There is nothing I love more than making my kids happy. Surprises are my specialty. And last night was no exception to the rule.

If you remember I said I was pulling the kids out of their piano school to go private with their teacher who had left the studio in May. Well last night I broke the news on the way home from camp that they were not going back to the studio again. Panic and some tears ensued. I told them not to worry I had hired a new teacher for them to come to our house to teach. They were very apprehensive to say the least but they resigned themselves and didn’t argue the point.

Their reactions were better than expected when she walked in the door.

Oldest jumped up and down screaming.

Middle came flying up from the basement and engulfed the poor teacher in a hug.

Youngest stood there dumbfounded and when she finally found words to speak it was, “you’re the new teacher?” When the teacher replied that yes she was the little one looks at me with a wiley grin and says “mom you tricked us!”

Yes. Yes I did.

Until tomorrow…

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