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Aunty Em? Aunty Em!

August 26, 2011

Yep another night in the park enjoy a classic this time. Suffice to say its been forever since I’ve seen Wizard of Oz and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Never realized how many of the song and quotes I use came from that movie. Kids really enjoyed it too which was nice to see. A decent turn out for it too. Wasn’t as packed as usual but it was a good sized group.

Took the blanket I was working on with me and worked on it by movie light. I got a lot done and me and my friend managed to use it for our legs as I worked on it. Told her she was quality control. Had to make sure it would keep its new owner warm. Ha!

It did the trick that’s for sure.

Another friday is here thank god.

Tonight ill finish up blanket one and start on number two. Going to have to work my tail off as I’ll want to have it done by this time next week.

Ahh well. It will be done. So sayeth me. Have a great weekend everyone!

Until tomorrow…

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