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Highschool Smokers Beware

September 15, 2011

So I’m standing at the bus stop this morning freezing my toes off (no I haven’t given up my sandals yet) and this young girl comes up to me and asks me for a smoke.

I looked at her for a moment and this is the conversation we had;

Me: “I’m sorry sweetheart you’re in high school still”

Her: “But I’m in my final year.”

Me: “That still doesn’t make you old enough.”

Her: “You have to be 16 to smoke.”

My mind is reeling at this point. I remember when I was 17 and I made the dumb decision to start smoking and I wonder why on earth this pretty girl would want to make that same mistake. But I’m not there to give lectures. That is the parents choice to do or not to do. Just makes me sad that yet another pretty girl is going to fall into the same pit I did.

Me: “Sorry sweetheart.”

She rolls her eyes a little and walks away with her friend.

Here’s hoping she makes it out before its too late.

Until tomorrow…

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