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Best Day Of The Week!!

September 23, 2011

So happy days are here once more. Weekend has finally come!

Were picking up the kids computer tonight. The kids piano lessons and choir are on for the norm. Errands and running around. Hopefully some relaxation tossed in for good measure.

I have to try and get some massive work done on the Amigurumis this weekend as I have been falling behind due to a sudden reaffliction of Angry-Bird-itis. Been spending the last two evenings playing that rather than doing anything else productive.

And I blew another batch of bread last night. Forgot to put stirring paddle in. *doh* Lucky for me I saw it early enough and 30 mins later we had muffins done. No one starves today!

Ahh well I guess even SuperMom has her Kryptonite.

Aside from that the weeks been alright. Here’s hoping next week has the same general qualities 🙂

Until tomorrow…

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