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Thank The Stars Its Friday…

October 21, 2011

It has been the longest week lately. Even the week and some where my buddy was in the hospital didnt seem near as long as this week did. It is not the most fun thing in the world being a mother. This i figured out a long time back but seriously does it have to be this hard?

I am one of those easy going, work-with-you sort of parents. I dont like to fight or argue. I hate having to punish my kids. But I am telling you that it has been the worst week on record trying to get it through my tween’s head that her recent string of behavior is not appropriate and in some cases dangerous.

The last episode nearly sent me over the edge because I know for a fact she was a perfect target for all the creepers of the world. And I know that I spared her that but at the same time I have to wonder if she was willing to take those risks because of a lack on my part somewhere.


On a high note my new van has been a dream to drive and I have enjoyed the freedoms of making it home in half an hour 🙂

I really hope this weekend is better than the week.

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