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Baby’s First Visit To The Doctors…

October 27, 2011

So I took my baby into the doctors this morning. The service engine soon light came on night before last and dispite it running the same as it was prior to the light coming on I took her in. Just to be sure. I figured it was nothing major as she had just come out of the shop a week before with a clean bill of health and happy was I to find out that it was nothing major. It was a misfire in one of my cylinders probably due to all the rain weve been having lately. He cleared the light and so long as it doesnt come back on (which it hasnt) then we are good to go. If it does come back on then I need to have it looked at. But my mechanic did tell me a bunch about the vehicle and what to watch for. (Most of which I already know thats to another certain someone) but it was nice to see him taking the time to explain. Gives me confidence in the work that he will eventually have to do with my van.

So that was my morning. Last night was fun. Nice to see my friends. I swear though, between their lives and ours, if we didnt schedual a weekly dinner we’d never see each other. Today is another day filled with new adventures and good times to be had. I get to induct another wonderful person into a crazy wonderful world that I hang out in during the month of November. I know she will enjoy herself. She is just the right sort of person who will completely appreciate the insanity.

Cant wait!

Until tomorrow…

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