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NaNoWriMo Day One… AKA Let the Insanity Begin…

November 1, 2011

So the day has come around again. It is the first day of National Novel Writing Month. And it is most certainly one of my most favourite times of the year. One month of literary abandon. Where the characters in my minds eye get the chance to roam free and be whatever and whomever they wish.

It could be a scarey thing in reality if they could actually roam free. I have a good number of axe-murderers there and a whole pile of psychos.

And those are just the simple minded ones.

But I digress. The fact is that this month is a great time for all. Even my girls have a blast writing away on their stories. And they are interesting stories too! You would be surprised what comes out of their young minds.

I know we have more than a couple ninjas, at least one dragon and some princesses this year. I always makes me smile to see what they have come up with. At the end of the road its not about how many words they got to this year but rather that they stretched their imaginations and let their minds run wild with out boundries for just a wee bit of time.

And me? I will race on towards 50,000 as always. This year I hope to make a bit better show of things as last year I just barely eked by and that is not how I want this year to go.

Only time will tell though!

Until tomorrow…

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