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NaNoWriMo Day Three ~ AKA Brains are Eaten…

November 3, 2011

Day three. What fun are thee!

Yep NaNo has officially eaten my brains for breakfast. Sadly the rest of my body still has to continue on its merrty way and get through the rest of the month.

Word counts are slowly climbing in our house. Will be interesting to see how the house copes with Daddy home for a couple of days while Mom is at work. Should be mildly interesting.

Aside from that I went to visit my favorite little lady last night. She was totally not expecting my visit which made her all the happier. I usually call but I felt like driving so I went to go and give her a good night hug and kiss. Took my littlest one with me so I couldnt stay too long but she was flying high as a kite. Even when I got home and called to let her know that we were alright she was giggling like a school girl. Makes me happy to hear her like that.

Anyways I should be off lots to do at the office today as the boss isnt in.

Until tomorrow…

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