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NaNoWriMo Day Ten ~ Breakthrough

November 10, 2011

Every brain has its breaking point. Some give out a bit sooner than others and some just seem to keep going. Most of us crazies who have been writing for the last 10 days reach out busted moment sometime during week two. I had mind late day eight and into day nine. Thankfully it didnt last as long as it has some years (some its been three days before I can get back on the horse and write again) but this year seems to have been a good nights sleep was all i needed. SO that being said I was able to power down and get to where I needed to be mostly. At least I am back in the swing of the story.

Kids are surprisingly still going strong writing wise. Not long goes by that I dont see their writing books in their hands.

My big girl made another silly move yesterday and took the wrong road to school again (peer pressure got the better of her on that one) and ended up grounded for a week. Might just let her off early if she keeps her nose out of hot water for the next couple days.We will see what her attitude is like. After all it wasnt her idea just she didnt stand up for what was right.

Aside from that all is well in our world.

Until tomorrow…

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