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NaNoWriMo Day Eleven ~Remember…

November 11, 2011

First off Im going to open this post by saying a heart felt Thank You to all the men and women who have gone before me, given their lives and paved the way for the freedoms I enjoy today.

I will never forget.

Its the weekend again. Im sitting a bit behind the ball in so far as where I would like to be. Going to have to put nose to grindstone tonight and the rest of the weekend to get it done. Going to be a fun ride.I should be at 43k by the end of the weekend if everything works out the way I believe it should. Im at 30.5k now. Im pretty sure I wrote that much in a weekend last weekend too. So I should be alright.

Kids are doing well. Oldest is in hot water still. Does not learn that trying to get Mom back for grounding you only serves to get you into deeper hot water.


I went and surprised to of my favorite ladies last night. Had chocolate to give them so I showed up unannounced bearing chocolate covered goodness. They were much happy.

And Im running around a bunch this weekend. Kids have extra long practice tomorrow so that gives hubby and I a bit longer of a time together. We have a bunch of things to get done.

And then on Sunday it is the annual Subway Writing event, which for the last three or four years I have helped to run. It is one of my most favorite events. Just looks so awesome to see almost a subway car full of people writing on laptops and pads of paper. Afterwards fun times with my uncle and aunt.

And then of course you have to throw in some of the usual chores and goodstuff around the house. Tonight there is a writing session down in the city that I shall be attending.

Overall a good weekend. 🙂

Until tomorrow…

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