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NaNoWriMo Day Thirty ~ AKA The End

November 30, 2011

This month has been on of those whirlwind months where everything seems to happen all at once. Not a single dull moment in the lot. Im sitting at just under 48,000 words the time of writing this blog. It is totally doable. I know more than a few people who are missing closer to 10,000 words and they too have a chance if they dont give up.

I had a chance to write the final pep talk for the month for the Toronto NaNo community. It was harder than I thought to write. There is so many things you want to say to people who have worked hard all month to keep on track and who may or may not be close to their goals. In the end I wrote this. I think it applies to a lot more than just NaNo. Enjoy!

Day 30 ~

Here we stand. It is the final day.

I want everyone to take a moment and look around you. Look at where you are right now.

You are still here. Plugging along. Fighting the good fight as they say.

Many have come into this strange world of NaNoWriMo thinking that it was nothing more than a cakewalk. Many of those walked away because the found out it wasnt so easy. But you, my dear friends, you are still here. You did not give up.

And that makes you winners.

Forget for a moment what your total word count is because even if you wrote 100 words you have written something. You have done more novel writing than most people on this planet have done.

And that makes you special.

Empires have been built and empires have been crushed by those two attributes alone. No matter where you stand on the battlefield even if you are the underdog know that come from behind wins are still within your reach if you do not fold.

So I want you to remember that as we wind down this year and race towards midnight. You still have time to hit that goal you have been aiming at over the last twenty nine days. Wheither it be 1000 or 50,000 or 100,000 or more words. Or just simply to have written something.

You will make it.

We have faith in you.

Until tomorrow…

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