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Its Over

December 1, 2011

The month long race against time is over. And I managed to once again scrape by by the skin of my teeth. The kids finished well. Two did not make their goals but they wrote and that was the main part. The littlest of my brood finished well ahead of her goal so i think next year we will have to bump her goal up seriously because there was a bunch of days where she did not write a word and still blew her word count away. Definitely need to rework that next year.

Tonight is the Thank God Its Over party for NaNo. Cant wait to see everyone again!
In other news life at work is still hectic at best and overly stressful at worst. They have decided that i am incompetent. That is the general feel on how they are treating me. Everything of mine is rechecked somewhere and its frustrating as all hell. Seems to be no break in the future either.


Until tomorrow…

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