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Its Monday Again

December 5, 2011

(the blog title was to the tune of “Its Raining Again” sung by Supertramp.)

Yep it was Monday again and no I didnt seem to get in a blog post this morning so I am writing one now. Seems about right to me.

Weekend went off alright. I was burnt out and took the day off Friday. Saturday was its usual running around. Lucky for me I got to go grocery shopping with my buddy. Havent been able to do that in over a month. Was starting to go through withdrawls. Sunday was a relaxing house work kinda day. Got the tree up. It looks awesome as always. Completely forgot however that I had thrown out the lights for the tree last year as most of them were burnt out. I had to make a mad dash out to Walmart to get lights so that we could even finish putting the tree together! (please remember that you have to light the tree as you go when you have a ten footer to put together!) Got an amazing new tree topper as well. Very awesome led flashy kinda thing with not one but ten stars all looking like they are shooting stars. Very cool.

Just finished one of the two Harry Potter scarves that were ordered for christmas. Going to work on the other one tonight. Heres hoping I can finish both them and the shawl shortly. Then I can finish the rest of my christmas things and move onto the next stage at the “toy factory”.

Aside from that thats all there is … there isnt anymore 🙂

Until tomorrow…

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