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Something about Friday

December 12, 2011

There was something in the air Friday where everything that could have gone wrong did. I swear it. But then again everything that could have gone right about Friday also did. All in all it was a very weird day. Mostly it was stressful.

To summarize:

I somehow forgot about a mortgage payment and then remembered about it at 1am. Tossed and turned until 3. So that when i did finally get up i was exhausted to start with. Then I get to work and get a hold of my mortgage people and settle all of that out. It was going to leave me dangerously short for christmas but it was still going to be doable.

Then we had a whole bunch of other crap going on with work. Our office party was nice. We were given an extra day off between now and the new year. And a bonus. There was my christmas back again.

So after work i go to pick up my darling husband and he goes to me. “You know I can hear you coming? Why is the van making that noise?”

The noise i had ignored earlier in the morning was clearly more than and ignorable thing. I ended up taking it in to the shop that night only to find out the next day that it was an oil leak. There goes christmas again.

So here I sit after an enjoyable weekend praying that the oil leak is easy to fix. And that the hubbys bonus is decent if at all.

God help me. I hope this week goes well.

Until tomorrow …

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