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So I have caught up on some of my projects….

December 20, 2011

I have gotten my Harry Potter Scarves done and delivered. Ive gotten my Shawl with sleeve (which I ended up taking the sleeves off because the new owner does not want them in the end). Now I am working on a pair of wristers (fingerless gloves) for my office mate whose hands are always freezing. And then I have to finish a baby blanket I started a month ago.

I have finished the baking for christmas thanks to the help of my elves. Four dozen Double chocolate chip cookies. Four dozen chocolate chip cookies. Six dozen peanut butter cookies. And four batches of fudge.

And the presents are all bought and wrapped and under the tree. I just have to finish up getting the dinner ready for christmas day and that is just about all I have left to do for the big day. Tonight is studying and some banana bread baking.

Sigh have to go to work.

Until tomorrow…

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