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Wild Weekend Over

January 16, 2012

So I made it through another one of my busy busy weekends. The “baby” isnt in the best of shape.  Shes leaking like a sieve. Just about everything under the hood that has to do with a seal has gone. So she needs to have every seal replaced and a bunch of other stuff. Shes headed into the shop next weekend so I will be somewhat grounded for that weekend.

The birthday party was a hit. The kids had a blast. And me survived with most of my faculties in tact. It was actually really nice.  One of the Monsters friends who had come from the other side of our city stayed with us and we had a chance to chat some. It was nice since I had not had the chance to talk with her in a while.

I finished the 8 pairs and started the 9th pair of gloves for the show.  Im hoping I will get then 9th and 10th done today.

I am home today because of an emergency dental appointment to fix a knocked out filling that normally I would just suffer along with until my regular appointment in a couple of months however it is in the wrong spot and has to be fixed right away.

Then it is off to meet with the folks about our consolidation loan after work.  Hopefully everything will be done and settled by weeks end with that and then I can get on with my year.

Aside from that I will just continue along my happy way…


Until tomorrow…

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