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Day With The Girls…

January 17, 2012

The kids having a PA Day yesterday worked out both good and bad at the same time. Its always a challange to get anything done with the kids underfoot.  But at the least they are not tiny tots anymore and are somewhat self reliant.

So we took Dad to work and then came home to clean the house before headed out to my dentist appointment. And while I was there I found myself being very thankful for the wonderful dentist that I have looking after me.

See over the holidays the dentist had been off and she had had some temps and one of the oral surgeons taking over the office. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the temp dental assistants.

The term Air Head comes to mind but only worse. Honestly she didnt seem to be all there in the head at all. And that is putting it mildly

So while im sitting there waiting for the oral surgeon to take care of the tightening I needed for my plate the assisstant is sitting there bad mouthing another branch of my dentist office to me. I couldnt believe it. I had to say something and did when I saw my dentist yesterday.

Apparently while I had to hear her mouth drone on I ended up getting off easy.

My Doc apparently had seen one of her other patients last week who also was a victim of the Air-Head. He however ended up with acid burns in his mouth because the Air-Head that did not put the cap on the acid properly so when the oral surgeon went to go use it she squirted a whole bunch of acid into his mouth. This acid is what they use to weaken the tooth enamal in order for the filling stuff they use to bond to the tooth properly. So you can imagine how much that hurt.

My heart goes out to this guy. I have felt the sting of that stuff by accident and I know how one drop feels. Let alone a mouth full. As for the Air-Head I dont think she will ever be back at another dentists office any time soon.

As for me? I stand by the decision I made a long time ago. I do not care how far I may have to travel. No one but my Doc gets anywhere near my teeth.

Until tomorrow…

(PS. I had this written hours ago and forgot to hit publish and just left the computer and went to work! What a morning!)

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