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Almost there…

January 19, 2012

So we hit Thursday once again in our struggle to make it to yet another weekend. This weekend is looking more and more like a weekend I am going to actually enjoy. Most of it entails staying home. I mean I have to drop the van off. Go to church. That sort of thing but none of it really entails going anywhere. That to me screams lets get some stuff done around the house.


Things that are left to do this week before the weekend arrives;


~Finish off the paper work for the debt consolidation. I just got and sent off the last invoice I needed to send off for the van. So now its just a matter of getting the rest of the paper work done. It it looking like the last day will be Monday Tuesday next week but for now I need to make sure that everything is done as needed.

~Finish off the accounting unit I have been working on since Tuesday night. Almost done just a few more questions left to do.

~Go over chapters that my publisher has sent me for my book.

~Finish off the one and a half pairs of half gloves I have to finish and then make one baby blanket. I have been seriously slacking this week as far as this goes. Need to get back on the road to making the stuff.


And of course there is a whole other litany of things to do around the house as well. Never ending story there.


Anyways folks have a great day!


Until tomorrow…

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