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I Don’t Know About Other Moms…

January 23, 2012

… but there are some days where I think my kids think I am psychic.

To tell you the truth I cant think of the last time I used the peanut butter or the jam. I may have used the peanut butter before Christmas for my baking but cmon people that was a month ago. And I do not use, drink or make juice from concentrate. My involvement in the stuff stops at the buying. Thats hubbys department.

But seriously folks! I dont keep track of their stuff!! If I dont use it I dont know that its running low or out completely! And telling me once you are out that you have to have something like now isnt going to help matters any!

Thankfully its now a matter of hopping in the car and running down to the store however, it was not always that way and they still dont get why I get so frustrated. I cant remember everything. And I certainly shouldnt be responsible for keeping track of their things.  And no I wont know when its out if you dont tell me.

Sigh. Rant over. 🙂

Otherwise the world moved on this weekend. We had a bit of a brush up with some guy backing into our friends van in the parking lot of the local grocery store but aside from that it was pretty normal.  I got a bunch of stuff finished off last night after I wrote my blog thankfully so I get to start the week in pretty decent shape.

But it is that time again!


Until tomorrow…

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