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Happy Day … Sad Evening …

January 25, 2012

So I spent the day counting down the hours until I could be happily reunited with my van. I know it must seem strange to you but I can assure you I missed every nut and bolt of my van. And despite the hefty bill I can tell you shes running like a dream and I am seriously glad to have her back.

However my good mood dampened as the evening wore on. I cant really go into it too detailed as it would be giving away a part of someone elses life that I have no right to disclose but put it this way I heard some news about a couple of young boys that broke my heart into about a million pieces and to know that their mother doesnt seem to have a grip on the reality of the situation makes it all the worse. She means well I believe but she doesnt really see how bad the situation is for her or the boys and it kills me.

Anyone who knows me knows that kids are my one weakness. I would do anything to make things right by a child. But this is one situation I cant do anything to make better except to pray with all my heart that things work out alright in the end. But it is the sitting helpless that kills me the most.  Even writing about it brings me to the verge of tears.

But enough of that line of thinking for today…

Today is a new day! And tonight is dinner and games night at our friends house! And then Dog Night with another good buddy of mine! Sounds like a perfect evening to me!

Until tomorrow…

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