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February 1, 2012

So we all went to the vet yesterday to get our beloved kitty and bring her home. Unfortunately she had  a bit of a fever and so they kept her another night to be sure she was alright. They did however let us go back into the kennel and spend some time with her. So we hung out for half an hour and fed her and snuggled with her.

Her reaction was amusing. When we walked in first her eyes went wide. Then her nose started going. Then her ears pricked up. She however only really truly believed it was us when I all but climbed into her kennel with her and she could smell my hand. Then once she realized it was her people she was up and trying to get out to see us.

We gave her lots of snuggles and I hand fed her too. She seemed to need that assurance that it was alright to eat because once I started feeding her she didnt stop for a while. LOL!

It was hard to walk away last night but we all knew that it was for the best for her and we will be able to go get her tonight. I  cant wait to have our kitty home with us where we can give her lovings whenever we can. It will be nice to hear her meow again and that purr of hers! Its been a rough few nights sleep without that purr. Hard to sleep without it.

Anyways I should be off to work. Truth be told id rather just stay home and sleep. With the cold that I’ve been fighting and the lack of a certain kitty my sleep hasn’t been the greatest. Heres hoping tonight there will a good nights rest in store for me. 🙂

Until tomorrow…

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