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Perfect Evening…

February 3, 2012

So we had the best day with our kitty. Despite having to go to work and school we managed to spend a good chunk of time with her after all was said and done. We ended up eating dinner in our bedroom. She was very happy for the company. She is doing much better and seems to be healing up nicely. We brought her out to see her brother for a bit last night after the kids went to bed and all was quiet. After a bit of apprehension it was a sweet homecoming there too.  🙂

Otherwise in the house things are going well. Things are returning to normal for the most part. Thankfully enough. I dont know that I could take much more of the edgy sadness that had blanketed our house.

This weekend is shaping up to be better than last weeks. The usual on saturday and sunday I am meeting up with some of my friends for Indian food dinner.

Enjoy the weekend folks!

Until tomorrow…

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