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Back To Normal

February 6, 2012

Not that I think that there is anything in my life that even resembles normal however it seems like my life is calming down to a state of sort of sanity. Not that my life is sane but you get the point.

My kitty is doing much better. She is however bored, lonely and irritated because of the cone on her head. So because of that she has been bugging us at night for company. Needless to say that cant keep happening as we both need our sleep so we have taken to putting her in the downstairs bathroom for the night. We put her back in our room during the day but not at night.

Saturday we signed up for the YMCA and got the kids on the waiting lists that they needed to be on to join the different programs they offer. I cant get over all of the different things they offer kids and adults that are all included in the price. Its amazing. I am totally looking forward to the week so I cant get out and try some of the stuff.

Sunday we celebrated Uncles birthday by  dropping in with Pizza and party hats. And then I headed out for a late dinner at Banjara with some writer friends of mine. Delicious food if you like traditional Indian cuisines.

Aside from that everything is as it should be and I must be off to the salt mines again.

Until tomorrow…

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