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Goals for 2012 Update

February 7, 2012

I figured I would check in and update all of you on whats been doing in my world as far as my lofty goals ;


-Reduce Consumer Debt. Alright so I got everything condensed down just to have a giant vet bill to add to the pile. Wonderful. Going to take some extra work to get things back down again.

-Finish Accounting Diploma. So I have completed one unit since the year started. I am running swiftly out of time on this one and not getting very far at all. Going to head out tonight to get some done.



-Read 12 books; Im still working my way through the first book. Not getting very far given the fact that i might read for half an hour a day if that. Need to find more time to read.

-Blog on a schedule. Been doing good here as all of you can attest.

-Get my craft business off the ground. I still have yet to get my stuff together for the Made By Hand Shows application process. This is going to be harder than it looks. Might have to bow out of this one and do the fall Made By Hand Show instead. A lot going on right now.

-LCPD book series. I am still working on the final edits for the first one so I havent had a chance to get anywhere else for the rest.

-Plan Out and Complete Christmas shopping/crafting by November 1. I have brainstormed my christmas gift list. Just have to get going on it.

-Join the YMCA. Done! Cant wait to get to using it at sometime this week. 🙂


There that is about all she wrote. Life around this house is chaotic this morning. I am fit to be tied as too many people without functioning brains this morning.


Until tomorrow…


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