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Work Out Weekend!

February 13, 2012

So I gave myself quite the workout this weekend. And that was about all I got done proactively. However I feel awesome for it albeit a bit stiff 🙂

So my totals for the week are;


800m swim, 7km walk, 30 mins on the machines. (15 on crossramp and 15 on the bicycle.)


Almost done a baby blanket, still didnt get much done on the sewing of the half gloves aspect…


65/276 pages edited.


Lets not go there. But I will get back on track with that one this week. 🙂

Today its back to the grind at the office and a small prayer I come out of there with my head still intact enough that I can finish up the edits tonight and be done with it all. That and the usual couple loads of laundry, dinner prep and child raising to do tonight when I get home.

Aside from that thats all she wrote. 🙂

Until tomorrow..

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