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Buried Alive Under A Mountain of Snow!

February 24, 2012





*Waits for the lone snowflake to hit her house*





So they lied again.

There is no snow. And I have to go to work.

But at least today is Friday! Tomorrow a bunch of the usual running around, Sunday is ROM day (I think) and an Oscar Gala that evening.

Last night I peeked at the scale a head of schedule (official weigh in is Sunday) and it seems like I have lost a pound. Which is fabulous! Means all this calorie counting and trips to the gym and long walks are actually paying off 🙂 Yahoo!

Also I have noticed that 400m swims are getting easier to do. So March 1st I am adding another 50m to it.

And aside from that another busy day at work coming up! So I best be off to it!


Until tomorrow…

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