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Happy Granddaugter!

February 28, 2012

So I found out yesterday that my grandmother if FINALLY moving into another building 🙂

We had been cleaning her apartment and packing up after yet another infestation thanks mostly to public housing. I am telling you I feel for all the people like my nan who have to deal with the hell of public (subsidized) housing. Shes a good clean lady and shes got to deal with a lot of bull over the years. Its just about drove me nuts with worry. Now at least I will have the peace of mind knowing she will be right across the street from my aunt and uncle who can literally look in on her and make sure shes ok.

Not to mention the fact that shes moved closer to the highway and that means i can get to her even faster 😀 Gotta love that!

Anyways back to the hell I call my office. The story seems to be remaining the same. Over abundance of work and a distinct lack of common respect.

*heavy sigh*

Until tomorrow…


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