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Long Week….

March 2, 2012

Its funny. This week was brutal and painful. It had all the markings of a mental breakdown.

A kid who doesnt seem to get the fact that I dont want to get phone calls at work stating that my daughter is not doing what she needs to be. Yes I got another one yesterday. Thats 4 out of the the last 6 school days. I dont know if she is going to get it that I dont want to deal with this crap. I keep telling her she is better than that. That she can do better if she just puts herself into it. Shes just not getting it. UGH!

Then work is just work. I dont even know if I know how to describe it. But its painful most of the time. The stress level is just out of this world. Everyones turning on everyone else. Snapping and being generally crabby is going around the office. And things are still not all getting done. But yet the bosses seem to think this is alright and that they should continue to put pressure on us and yell at us. Somehow this is going to make things better for everyone. Its brutal and painful.

I havent had much gumption for the gym this week. Rather upset with myself actually. Would have gone last night but I ended up being late because of having to sit there and make sure that my big girl got her homework done and done properly. By the time she was done I was too tired to be bothered.

Lucky for me tomorrow is a new day. Its a gym day! and life will be fine for two whole days!

Until tomorrow…

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