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Wonderful Weather

March 14, 2012

We have been making the most of the wonderful weather. Monday night we went for a long walk in the evening mist down to one of our local Tim Hortons. Last night we took a bit of a drive and hit up one of the large ravines along the Credit River. I love nothing more than going down to the bottom and following a creek bed. Making our way around and over the creek. Then the giant hike up the other side. Its great. We don’t tend to use the paved paths so much as we do the hard packed trails.  Gives the illusion that we in the middle of no where rather than minutes away from the downtown core of a fairly large city.

Aside from that its the usual nonsense around the house. I still have to finish putting up the new towel rack and toilet paper roll holder on the wall in the up stairs bath which for whatever reason I have not finished that as of yet.

Then I have also been trying to do some work on the computer but getting no where as my fuzzy baby keeps trying to use my laptops as her personal lounge. Plus the kids have been staying up late because it is the march break. So I havent been able to actually get to work until late in the evening at best. By then after all the other stuff I do my concentration level is that of a two year old and I can focus on the things that I need to be doing.

I havent been getting to bed as early which means I am tired on top of it all.

Al right time to get out the door and face Hump Day!


Oh and before I forget… to all my geek buddies out there dont forget to get yourself a big old slice of Pie as it is Pi Day!


Until tomorrow…

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