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Alright. I think I did It.

March 21, 2012

I think I hit the bottom of my energy barrel.

Ok let me rephrase this. I get home and I am burnt out. I cant think straight. Cant write. I go for a walk after dinner to clear my brains. I come home, take care of what I have to. Sit down on the couch. Pick up the project I am working on. And within an hour I am half asleep.

Between the kids and their rehursals for their play at church this weekend and then there is the things I need to get done, I cant think straight to write a darned thing anymore.  Even in the mornings I am not up for writing anything. That tells me I am hitting the bottom of the barrel.  I know things are going to calm down and reach some sort of normalcy next week as the play is this weekend. Then we can get ourselves back to a routine and life will be relaxing again.

I hope.

Never know in my world.

But its off to work! Miss you all!

Until tomorrow…

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