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There’s No Biz…

March 26, 2012

… Like Show Biz.

And our dear daughters caught thACe fever this weekend.

It was a long hard week for them. They put in long hours at our church and still got up and faced day after day at school. They even braved a super late friday night backed with an early morning saturday. However when we went to retrieve them after the show saturday night the light in their eyes and the electric current rushing through them I swear could have powered our house for a year if I could have harnessed it.

I know all too well what that rush feels like as I spent the better part of my high school career in the darkened hallways back stage.  It is the one thing I miss from that time in my life, something I will never forget and will always be thankful for.

Life slowly comes around full circle and I get to see that same sparkle shine in my little girls eyes. No words in the world can describe the joy and pride I feel as I write this. I hope they find themselves enjoying many more weekends like this one.

Until tomorrow…

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