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April 2, 2012

So I took a bit of a hiatus from writing this blog. Mostly from burn out and the other part was simply I didnt feel like I had much to say other than — same old same old.  While that is all well and good as far as resting and relaxing is concerned but that is no where near fun to write about. This week however should prove to be a bit more interesting.

The weekend just past was fun and enjoyable. Oldest was off on an adventure with her youth group which totally changed the dynamic of the house hold. It was super calm and quiet.  I got a ton of work out in (even dragged the hubby with me Saturday morning!), which is nice as I was starting to slip in that department. And I got in some reading time (which also is nice as I have started reading the Hunger Games Trilogy. Im already on book two as I needed to get ahead of my oldest whom I am reading the series with. ) And I also got my hair done for the book jacket of my book. Red, white and new.  I love it.

Aside from that I will let the week play out and see how things go from here. Should be a good week with a long weekend tacked onto the end of it. :o)

Until tomorrow…

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