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Happy Monday Morning!

June 25, 2012

What a weekend! It was great for the most part. Just a bit messy because stupid me got the weekends mixed up. I thought what was supposed to happen this weekend was actually next weekends gig.

Not surprising I had to make a 180 and ended up shafting one of my buddies in the process. It worked out slightly better than the original plans however I still feel badly about it.

Heres the condensed version of my weekend—


Up early to get the girls off to their testing day. Hubby and I did our track time and then had a quite brunch together.

Then we skipped out on church to drive two hours to go have dinner with my best friend before driving home again.


Now heres where it gets a wee bit sticky. See I was supposed to have taken my grandmother Saturday for fish and chips and then kept her over night. I however did not thinking that next weekend was the weekend I was supposed to take her. Well lucky for me my aunt called me 20 minutes before I was bound for a strawberry field and I quickly switched gears and headed to the other end of the city to go to a Ham Radio field day with my uncle.

The kids enjoyed the morning with their uncle and got to go on the air and make contact with a couple of folks down in the states.

Then of course we went in search of a strawberry patch. Now my friend had still gone strawberry picking and found out that the place we had been headed was not anywhere near what we were expecting. So we headed onto Downeys Farm and found ourselves a whole pile of berries. After sharing some with my buddy I still have a whole pile left and I have been slowly turning them into jam. I figure I should have about 10  500ml jars by the time I am done.

In the end we will have more than enough to eat and share some with our family and friends.

And me? I head back to my 5 by 5 foot cubicle and sit there trying to find a way to day dream myself back to the weekend.

Until tomorrow…

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