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So the First Day Of The Rest of My New Life…

June 28, 2012

Yep. Thats how I am looking at this. The rest of my new life. Today I spent the day putting my house in order. I cleaned. I did laundry. I baked. I bought groceries. I went to my kids school and watched an assembly. I enjoyed the things I had truly missed. Mundane life to some Im sure but for me it was a great way to roll into the next stage of my life.

Tomorrow is going to be another day that I intend on enjoying. It is going to be the day I start really spending my time getting my name and my book out there. I am going to spend the day making new friends and learning as much as I can about online marketing.

As for my unemployed status. I am working on that as well. I mean I have already applied for EI and sent out a bunch of resumes. I am sure that the right thing will come along eventually. Until then I am going to enjoy my “free time”

And the love and support from family and friends continues to pour in. I cant tell you how awesome it feels to know that I am loved by so many wonderful people.

Dont worry thought folks. I am already making the climb back to the smily happy lady everyone knows and loves.

Until tomorrow…

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