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Lessons, Laundry and Swimming

July 3, 2012

Thats what my week is looking like from a personal perspective at the very least.

I am having another rough time with this transition to being home. Much like I did the first time I became a stay at home mom. I go through more emotions in a five minute span than most people will in an entire week.

I am however trying to fit myself back together and get my mindset straightened out for what I need and want to be doing. I have more going for me now then I did the last time this sort of thing happened but I still have this nagging feeling like maybe it is me that is the problem.

I know I know! I can hear each and everyone of you clamoring right now about how it is not me at all. How wonderful-talented-smart I am and that there is something better around the corner for me. I know. I get that. But at the same time I have, and I suppose, always will struggle with being enough. So bear with me on this one I will get through it. Highs and lows.

On a happier note. We saw my oldest off to a 10 day summer camp yesterday morning. She was apprehensive but totally stoked about being off on her own.  And me? Totally proud of her.  She  (and many others) keep asking me if I am going to miss her. And my answer it’s not “miss” really.

Ok so I totally sounded like a bad mother there for a second. However I am looking at it from the perspective of shes going to be back in a week or so and she will be loaded down with awesome memories to share with us (me). Its like I told her. She wont have time to miss me. She will be back here again before we know it. Me I will be busy hanging with the wee ones here (they have a game plan almost every day for me…) So nope no time to sit and dally on missing her.

But I do wonder what shes up to and hope shes having as much fun as we all wish for her.

For now however I think I hear the laundry machine telling me another loads done… best be off before it REALLY starts squawking at me.

Until tomorrow…

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