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Last Day of Unemployment

July 9, 2012

So yesterday we spent the better part of the afternoon searching out the new stores I will be working at. I cant afford to get lost time-wise. Lucky for me they are not too badly located that I cant get to them fast. It is going to be a little odd working in the city again.

Over all this week is going to be tight time wise as the kiddies are in day camp.  The big one comes home mid week. We have our usual activities and on top of it all I am starting a new job.


Seriously though I am looking forward to new fresh start. Retail is something I havent done in a good number of years but essentially it is the same as all of the other customer service work I have done since then. Make the customer happy and they will buy.

Today I am spending the day getting the house in order, baking, cleaning, cooking and all the rest of that fun domestic stuff.

I realize just how quiet my house is without the kids around though. Ahh well I will get more done this way anyways LOL.

Best be off to get things done!

Until tomorrow…

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