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Wild World Updates

July 30, 2012

So my whirlwind life once again has taken over and so much has happened. I started my new job almost three weeks ago and I find myself enjoying the change pace. My days fly by faster and there is always something new. Slowly it will change and morph again as I take on more responsibilities. I prefer that however. I have a serious dislike for same old same old jobs.

House and home are well. Kids are slowly putting my meager tan to shame. Oldest is so dark now after her week away at overnight camp earlier this month she barely looks like she belongs to us! Swimming and taekwondo are going well. Choir and play rehearsal fills our Saturdays.

Last weekend we were off to Algonquin Provincial Park. It was two days of unplugged peace and quiet. It was a gorgeous trip. And in the end it wasn’t nearly enough for us. We did only 8 of the 15 day trails and after 21.1km we didn’t even scratch the surface of how much there was to see. I can tell you I am currently day dreaming of it as we speak.

Aside from that there are more adventures for us. So I will try to keep you updated as I can!

Until tomorrow…

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