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A Few Thousand Miles…

August 16, 2012

…was all it took to make this summer our best yet.

Some of our greatest moments were found somewhere in between here and the middle of nowhere this summer. We have seen almost every eco-system in southern ontario and so many new animals, birds, fish and reptiles, The Milky Way and a meteor shower. The things we learned and saw in the last few weeks were amazing and in some cases breath taking.

We have hiked up escarpments and through marshland. We stood on the edge of cliffs and swam in a choppy lake. We told scary stories, laughed insanely at ridiculous jokes and sang loudly out of tune. We made memories and had a blast.

Me? I am glad we are home for a while. Its not easy planning and packing up a family of five for days away from home without the amenities of home close by. So I will be glad for a break. However it’s also bitter sweet at the same time. It will be almost another year before we will be back seeking out another adventure.  For the rest of the warm season we will take some day trips, fishing trips for sure (Hubby and I now have our own licenses!)  and I may try to convince the crew to try a winter hike this winter but aside from that there wont be anything major.

The memories of things we saw and things we did will have to keep us going through until the next time we pack up and hit the high road once more.

And I am headed back to the grind today to pay for all the adventuring…  ;o)

Until tomorrow…

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