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Sunday Night Chit-Chat

August 19, 2012

Back again for another Sunday Night Chit Chat hosted by our friend Carla over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily

What are you…


I started reading Cross Bones by Kathy Reichs while I was away early last week. I have not picked it up again since I have been back. So technically I am reading it… just havent actually read it in a few days… but Ive read the cover everytime Ive shuffled it around the coffee table. So that counts right?


Legend of the Seeker (TV show based on the Sword of Truth series written by Terry Goodkind. Not as true to the books as I would have liked but enjoyable anyways)

Listening to?

My youngest trying to get the diced sorted to play Yatzee with me.


Just made two loaves of banana bread and two loaves of honey whole wheat for the week.

Happy you accomplished this week?

All the camping gear is cleaned and put away for the season. Except what my oldest is taking with her next weekend as she is out for a few days with friends.

Looking forward to this week?

Getting the rest of my stuff sorted out for the book show I am doing next month as well as getting a good jump on the things I need to do for the craft show in October.

Thankful for today?

I am thankful for my van and  wonderful places we have been able to see this summer. Three trips, about 2500 kms total and we have seen a ton of wonderful places.

*Bonus Question*

As a famous athlete, you are offered a $500,000 endorsement to promote a product that you dislike and would NEVER use. Do you endorse it?

Nope. Not a chance. I don’t put my name to something I done wholly believe in. I wouldn’t care how much money is involved it is against my ethics 🙂

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