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When It Rains….

August 20, 2012

…It bloody pours in my house.

I am used to life being life and getting in the way of things I hope to accomplish. Usually it is one at a time and easily handled. Lately we havent had too rough a ride… at least since the whole tire episode back mid-July.  Aside from that unexpected venture its been an basically easy summer. I should have known that wasnt the way it was going to be for long..

This weekend more than made up for the easy ride lately.

We had another run in with lice. Cleaned four heads of hair (figured might as well go through the entire house to ensure there wasn’t some hiding somewhere).

I had a child with hair she doesn’t brush, and certainly doesn’t clean properly(that vanished quickly. She is now sporting an adorable bob.), one who needed a trim (lost two inches, all tidy for school) and one who wanted hers brought back up to shoulder length (neat and tidy, so I’m not complaining). And a man who needed it buzzed back down again. Four heads of hair sorted.

Then, my youngest’s fish died. It wasn’t that old and she had been taking very good care of it. It just was its time. She took it very hard cried for hours.

Then somehow in the thick of things we lost a screw on my middle daughters glasses. Figured what the heck we will get it fixed today. No big deal, we deal with Lenscrafters and they know us really well (we’re there every few months for a readjust) Nope not happening. Ended up the screw was snapped off in its place, and the holes wouldn’t line up (seriously not sure how the heck that happened. But you know when it rains…) So a trip that was supposed to take a few minutes…. two hours and 200+ dollars later… shes sporting some awesome new glasses along with her new bob.

Then throw in a trip to Costco, a couple to the Y, the church three times (once for mass and two times for girls practice), a few trips to the grocery store and a bunch of baking (two loaves of banana bread, two honey whole wheat), a gazillion loads of laundry (finally done the camping stuff…), prepped dinners for most of the week and cleaning everything I can up and you can see how relaxing my weekend was.

On a good note my uncle showed up somewhere in the midst of my hell last night and took us all out to Lick’s for ice cream. Not sure how he does it but he seems to show up just when we need him the most. Its nice having someone like that in our lives. He bought himself a new van (2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, fully loaded), so we all got to ride in it… me? I got to drive it home. I am in love. Definitely what I am looking at the next time I’m in the market for a new vehicle.

The week is shaping up to be fairly busy. I have a lot to do for the craft show in a couple months. And I have to order signs for the book show next month (yes I will be making an official announcement on my books website ) But that aside, I think I may actually survive the week and make it to the weekend again.

Until tomorrow…



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