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Loose Ends and Fresh Starts

March 30, 2013

wpid-IMG_20130325_081024.jpgSo I didnt actually get a chance to blog nearly as much as maybe I wanted to this week. But I did however finish up a set of wrist warmers I had started last weekend. They are super easy to make but I am not entirely sure I am happy with the finished product as they are way looser than I would have liked.

Busy week at the stores but that too was to be expected what with the warmer weather and being the end of the month. Friday was so busy we barely stopped. Definitly a good thing for the months ahead.

Spent my day off yesterday doing almost nothing at all. Was quite nice actually. Dont get too much time like that anymore. Kids went to church last night to help out with the stations of the cross and Scott and I went out to dinner together. We walked the kids home afterwards and spent the remainder of the evening watching TV and relaxing.

Today the kids baked goodies, cookies mostly but I think we may also end up with some Easter Candy if Monsters recipe turns out. Later we all went for a long walk along the lake shore to do some Geocaching and home for our own Easter dinner. Tomorrow night we will be at Scott’s Mum’s for dinner so just moved ours up a day. After the long walk everyone appreciated the big meal. We found all eight caches in the park we were in.

Now I am just catching up on my blogging, doing up the last of the weekends paperwork for the shop (They just closed their doors and sent in their reports not long ago), few bits of laundry, some banana bread and muffins, prepping tomorrows breakfast and then relaxing until bed.

Heres hoping my characters start talking as the half blank screen in my notepad is starting to be irritating. Ah well perhaps once I have gotten the rest of my things done they will have a few things to say.

G’Night all and if I dont get back here tomorrow—- Happy Easter 🙂

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  1. April 3, 2013 11:16 pm

    Hopping over from the A-Z Challenge link to your blog. Your blog title caught my attention 🙂

    Love geocaching (and just adventures) – love handwarmer things (especially for on the computer in winter!) – and love baking.

    Since you mentioned banana bread I’m linking you to one of my favorite recipes…chocolate chip caramel swirl banana bread I baked it a bit longer than she suggested and it seemed a little raw, but then I realized it was just the part around the caramel being gooey and it was really cooked…and it was REALLY yummy! Everything on her site that I’ve made (or adapted) has been really great! So that’s my most recent baking adventure and one I’d highly suggest!

    • April 3, 2013 11:29 pm

      YAY! Welcome to my insanity! So glad you could make it! I love my adventures in motherdom and love sharing it with the lot of you 🙂

      I am going to try out that banana bread this weekend and I will be sure to blog about it later 🙂 !! Thanks !!!

      • April 8, 2013 9:34 pm

        I hope you like it! The friends I shared it with loved it – warm was all perfect and melty, but room temperature (and cold) were still very yummy!

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