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Why I Love Saturdays

June 1, 2013


It is without a doubt the most finely choreographed chaos and certainly the busiest day of my week.

Im up and at the local YMCA for 10 am for swimming lessons for my younger two at 1030 (Ive learned parking is atrocious if I attempt to come any later). Big girl goes and hangs out in Youth room.

Out and redressed in TaeKwonDo gear for lessons at 12. If we are lucky (we almost always are as we have this down to a fine art at this point) I get to have a quick Tim Hortons run with my girls between the two.

Then while they are kicking tail Im doing some track time. They are done for 1 and my oldest heads to dance class while I run the littles home and jump in the shower. Back to the Y again for lunch with the oldest between classes.

Shes off to TaeKwonDo at 230 (I try and sneak in a quick coffee break with my Burn Buddy if we can) and Im scooping up everyone 330 to head to church for choir.

Mass at 5 then home to dinner for 630. Its usually spaghetti night for us which means hubbys cooking!

I round out the evening with some movie time and snuggles.

Long busy day but it has a common theme. Its time I get to spend with my kids. I get to be no one else but Mom. And I love nothing more than watching them do their thing and beem when they say “Hey Mom didja seee that???”

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