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A Stitch In Time

January 2, 2014


So last year wasn’t one of the greatest for me. I mean don’t get me wrong I had a lot of wonderful and great things happen to but as much as the year seemed to give it also seemed to take away just as much. There was a lot of hard lessons learned and I take knew knowledge and personal growth with me into the new year but honestly I found myself relieved that the year was over and that a fresh brand spanking new one was just around the corner.

I know that reality states that the only thing that really changed was the date on the calender and there is still much fallout to deal with from 2013 but somehow in my heart I know this year is going to be different. I’m going to use the things that 2013 taught me to make it work to my advantage. I am going to meet 2014 head on. (cue Katy Perrys “Roar“)

One of the big things that I lost last year was my writing time. I haven’t written properly for over a year now and its breaking my heart. So that’s a big thing on my list of things to get back to doing on a regular basis. Even if it is only a couple hundred words a day I know I have to get myself back into it. May take a while to rekindle the fire that once burned and I am ok with that. I am going to make sure that I make the time to write just a bit every day.

Another thing that I completely let slide is my blogging. I used to blog almost daily on both my blogs and some of it had to do with my writing but this blog here was therapeutic for me as much as it was a window into my life for those around me. That is another thing that I am going to work on making sure I make time to do every day. Again another thing that I am going to make time for on a regular basis.

Time with my husband and kids isn’t always going to be in abundance as we step into the new year and although none of us is very happy about it we also have found some new things that we can do together regularly that cost us no money but give us quality time together.

And the last thing I am going to be working on is my budget and expenses. I have to get back into cooking and baking from scratch. That in itself is where the biggest monetary loss is. (Not to mention everyone misses the stuff I make) We eat fast convenient food that is no where near appetizing for us but rather eat it because its easy. Not going to continue down that path anymore. There really isn’t any excuse considering I have three excellent cooks/bakers in training that would be more than happy to pitch in. (Actually yesterday they were a great help as I went through and put together a whole bunch of ready made meals for the next week or so) .

Today its back to the daily grind for me. Scott is home with the kids, they were planning on going skating but its going to be a chilly one so that’s probably not going to happen, so hopefully they will get lost in another game of Settlers of Catan and chill out watching some movies.

Until tomorrow…


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