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Cold & Blustery Day

January 3, 2014

wpid-IMG_20140102_205053.jpgSo day one of the back to the grind wasn’t exactly how I had imagined it to be. I mean it was actually better than I had originally thought it would be. See the nasty cold turned out to be even more brutal than I had envisioned it to be. So I expected a slow day at the store and a chance to get some things caught up. That however was not the case at all. I swear that the nasty weather always brings out the customers. No clue why but every nasty-good-idea-to-stay-home day they come flying out of the wood-works.

That being said there was a steady stream of frosty customers to help and the time between I kept up with the other daily things I need to take care of paperwork wise, and got a few blog posts for my writing blog done as well. All in all it was an immensely productive day one I came home feeling satisfied with.

Scott and the girls understandably stayed home and the house miraculously wasn’t a mess when I walked in the door. Even though they decided to build the gingerbread houses that our friend Mae dropped over for Christmas. And even better everyone seemed to be getting along and no one was in a bad mood. Which again almost felt like a miracle. Heres hoping the four of them can make it through the day today with the same general outcome. Would be nice to come home tonight and finally get to watch Man of Steel with them before bed.

Oh well… should be off for now.

Until Tomorrow…


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