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Sewing Up Loose Ends…

January 5, 2014


The store was fairly jumping yesterday. That meant the day went by pretty quickly. Kids were out at rehearsal for most of the day and then the rest they were at a birthday party for our lovely next door neighbours daughter. So that meant I got some quality time with the hubby to run some errands and then home for some pizza and a movie.

We almost never can agree on movies. He likes the funny sappy ones. Me I prefer the action packed thrillers. Quite the odd couple we are in that regards but for whatever reason we settled on The Vow starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. Great sappy romance. We both completely enjoyed it. A word to the wise though, grab your kleenex box before settling in to watch this one.

By the time the kids got home I had finished off their new tube scarves. I had made the younger two theirs a few months ago but my eldest’s I had started last weekend. All were finished tonight and they were most impressed with them. I’m sure they will appreciate them more as they head back to walking to school tomorrow.

Until Tomorrow…

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